1st International Congress on Culture and Society

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28 Haziran 2012 - 30 Haziran 2012

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ISCSA; 'International Science, Culture and Sport Association" was founded in Ankara, Turkey in December, 2010. The first ordinary congress of association was held on 12th May, 2011. Dr. Taner Bozkuş has been the chairman of the association since its establishment.

The headquarters of ISCSA is in Ankara. It doesn't have any branches, but there are representatives in many countries.
The main aim of the association is to unite the people, especially the younger generations of different cultures and geographies under the umbrella of science, culture and sports. Therefore it focuses on international events to create an understanding between differences and to enable cooperation of different societies through scientific, cultural and sportive activities.  

So far it has members from 12 different countries. During the 1st International Congress on Culture and Society, ISCSA will found an International Steering Committee from its members to strengthen its global vision.

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