EBES 2010 "Avrasya İşletme ve Ekonomi Birliği Konferansı"

Eurasia Business and Economic Society Conference






26 Mayıs 2010 - 28 Mayıs 2010


EBES Eurasia Business and Economic Society

Etkinlik Merkezi

İstanbul Ticaret Odası




EBES Eurasia Business and Economic Society
T : +1 (706) 254 37 34


We invite you to participate in the EBES 2010 Conferences, which will bring together many distinguished researchers from all over the world. Participants will find a good opportunity for presenting new research, exchanging information and discussing current issues. Although we focus on Europe and Asia, all papers from major business and economics fields - theoretical or empirical - are highly encouraged.

Submissions are now being accepted for the EBES 2010 Conference, which will be held in Istanbul, Turkey on May 26th, 27th and 28th, 2010 at the historical building of Istanbul Chamber of Commerce. The deadline for abstract submission is January 31, 2010. For further details about our 2010 Conferences, please click conferences link on top of the page.

We would also like to announce publication opportunities for qualified papers presented at the EBES Conferences. Qualified papers will be published in the special issues of the journal of Emerging Markets Finance and Trade (EMFT) and the Journal of Business Economics and Management (JBEM). Both journals are indexed in the Social Science Citation Index. For further details, please click on the publication link on top of the page.

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